Take a Chill Pill Mommies

What an uproar on Marissa Mayer’s memo! As an entrepreneur and a mother of 2 children, I have to say I kind of agree with Marissa. I don’t understand why women like Lisa Belkin, Senior Columnist on Life/Work/Family for the Huffington Post were so harsh. First off, this memo was not gender biased so not sure why so many working mothers were outraged. Secondly, there has to be something said for waking up, dressing yourself professionally and going into work, it creates a different kind of productivity than working in your pj’s from home (whether you are a male or female). Marissa is the CEO of one of the biggest internet corporations in the world; her job is to turn Yahoo which requires dedication and the right team. You cannot communicate/collaborate with your team effectively remotely, maybe when things get more settled and concrete, but not in the beginning.

Furthermore, why is Lisa hammering Marissa for only taking a 2 week maternity leave? What does that have anything to do with her trying to turn Yahoo? When will women stop criticizing other women, why can’t we support Marissa so she can become an example for all women who saved a fortune 500 company?

I am the CEO of a start-up and there is absolutely no way that I can give 100% of myself to my job from home. I’m easily distracted and the mommy guilt lies heavily on my shoulders, I keep thinking I should be with my kids. On the flip side of things I also don’t think it’s healthy for my children (especially the young one) to see that I am at home but cannot be with them. Additionally, it is virtually impossible for me to have my employees work from home. I need to see them, talk to them physically, have team meetings, collaborate and it’s much easier if we are all at work, dressed professionally and ready to take on the day TOGETHER as a team.

Hats off to Marissa! Yahoo needs a change and she is the right person for the job, I support her in this decision.



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