Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace

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OMG!!!! My head is spinning.  I feel like this song when I log onto any of my social media sites.  I get it, you have a Versace, a LV, a Prada, a YSL, a whatever!!!  Is this what life has become for all of us? (including moi) A brand?

Everywhere I look all I see are ppl posing with their purses, their sunglasses, their shoes, their jewellery….the worst is when chicks pose their newly bought merchandise IN FRONT of the store they actually bought it from…lol…like wow, what exactly are you trying to show us?  That you’re at LV at this exact moment and the rest of us should just faint with envy?  Or are you trying to prove that you actually have money? (because you thought we thought you were dirt poor??).

I’m not saying I don’t love my designer, I DO!!! love, love, love, super love some of my purses, glasses, etc. but I think it’s a whole different ball game to actually enjoy things for yourself vs. to show them off in EVERY SINGLE picture you have on FB (unless you’re a blogger like me:) ).  It’s cool if it’s your first buy or if you’re a fashion icon, or a couple of times, but jesus every picture?  There has to be a point in your life where you just get over it or have more important things in your life.

So, I’m sure all of you have the latest, LV, YSL, Prada….but do you have the latest RK??





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