15 Minutes of What Exactly?

Ooookay peeps, someone break this down for me.  Before I get into my thoughts I need to let all of you know that I make an effort to try to listen to upcoming, happening punjabi music.  I feel like it connects my kids to their culture and it gives my son some confidence knowing that even though he wears a turban he can literally go into any industry, the sky is the limit.  This is one of the reasons I adore Fateh, he’s a little cutie with some swag rap songs (wait, do ppl still say swag? is that still a cool thing?).

But what the hell is this???

Am I completely and utterly old school?  OMG have I turned into my mother??  So are you young men just trying to put the moves on girls to get them into bed?  You actually don’t really care to get to know women?  You’re just looking for a booty call?  WTF!!!  I thought we raised you better than that.  If so called “pyaar, mohabbat” isn’t your thing then go and jack off to porn, don’t be saying stupid shit to girls just to fulfill your nasty horny desires.  What else does it say in the song, “Do you think i’m a dog if i leave her in the middle of the night”  YES! yes i do think you’re a dog, and some other very dirty, disgusting, nasty names that I will refrain from typing out.  Also, how in world do girls not let you think straight?  I’m sorry, do you not have a brain?  Does it not work?  Or are you admitting that guys are really just plain stupid?  And who is this Amar Sandhu?  Puleez boy, you’d be lucky if you EVER got some, ain’t no one going to fall in love with your scrawny ass in 15 min!  What are you smoking?

Sorry to say, this song is stupid.  And girls, what the hell!!  Don’t fall for stupid lines, you’re too smart for that!  All of you are smart, beautiful, confident girls, you don’t need to be giving it up to impress guys.

Okay, I’m done venting.  Would love to hear from some young women and their thoughts.  How does dating work these days?  What’s the norm in our culture?

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