Going Cukhoo with Colic?

My brother and sister-in-law delivered their first, gorgeous, baby girl this past November.  We were all so over-joyed to have a little munchkin in the family again!  Like any other first time parents, they were running blind and completely sucker-punched by, you guessed it, COLIC!!  So this post is dedicated to them.

Hearing my beautiful niece’s shrieks brought back so many memories, or shall I rephrase and say nightmares.  I won’t go into long paragraphs for this blog because I know many of you moms probably haven’t showered all week and only have about 10 minutes of peace before that baby monitor goes off!  My son had very severe colic, and I’m not sure if my tips will help any of you since this was 14 years ago but here they are:

  1. Invest in the Baby Bjorn, this will ensure your arms don’t fall off from all the rocking you have to do.  Unfortunately, rocking is really the only way to sooth babies with colic.  I would say invest in a rocking chair but I swear to god my son knew the difference from stand up rocking to sit down rocking, and you can guess which one he preferred.
  2. Be QUICK!!!!  Your colicky baby has absolutely NO patience.  You want to take him/her out, you better know how to strap that little adorable rugrat in the car seat as fast as possible and GO, GO, GO! DRIVE!  They also can’t wait for milk, if you are breastfeeding you better make sure that as soon as he/she senses you boob, milk will be readily available, so if it takes a while for your milk to come through pump before latching your baby on.  These babies got no time to wait around for you!
  3. Schedule – it will be hard the first month but in month 2 & 3 try to get on a schedule.  I had my son on a 2 hour schedule, I absolutely didn’t feed him before the 2 hours because I knew his cries were not hunger cries.  I increased that to 3 hour intervals by month 4.  This helped my son have a good feeding and not to mention sleep better on a full stomach.  Don’t be afraid to supplement with formula if need be.
  4. Keep a food log – this is probably the most important one since colic is related to intestinal issues.  Write down everything you eat and the next day monitor your baby – is he/she crying less or more?  I had to stay away from foods like tomatoes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc.
  5. Try to find some unpaved rocky roads and take your baby on a drive.
  6. Hold them upside down like a football.
  7. As much as we want our babies to be sleeping peacefully in a nursery that looks like it’s from the Pottery Barn catalog, that just won’t happen.  Get brightly colored toys and mobiles.  I used to buy these baby einstien toys for the car seat, and when you pulled them down they made this sound as they went back up.
  8. Instead of putting a blanket on your baby try to cover them with your clothes like t-shirts.  I’m not sure if this will help any of you but it helped my son stay sleeping longer because he thought he was sleeping with me.
  9. Gripe water – back in my day they didn’t sell gripe water in the US, I had to get mine from Canada, not sure about today but i’m sure you can order it online.  Gripe water helps ease the gas discomfort.
  10. I didn’t try this but one of my good friends is a big believer in essential oils, so she recommends DigestZen by Doterra.
  11. MOST IMPORTANTLY, even though you probably have thoughts of just leaving your baby in the car and running off, you are an AMAZING MOM.  We all have had these thoughts, and we’ve all let our babies cry when we were exhausted.  We’ve also gone weeks without showering, or even putting on deodorant.  You are doing NOTHING wrong.

Just Remember:  This Too Shall Pass 🙂

Good luck!

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