I want all of you to know that I love my children.  I simply love them.  However, sometimes I just want to dig a secret hole and crawl into it for a few hours where no one can find me.  The day in and day out of constant yelling, breaking up fights, trying to figure out algebra equations, scheduling all their activities, driving them to their activities, picking them from their activities, dinner, dishes, laundry, bedtime, playing dress up, playing transformers, playdates, sleepovers, and not to mention A JOB – I AM EXHAUSTED.  So to be completely honest with you the last thing I want for mother’s day is for my kids to make a huge mess in the kitchen I just cleaned last night to make me breakfast.  Yes, I know, it’s the thought that counts.  But seriously, I’m good, I can make my own breakfast.

So that is why 3 years ago I honestly told my husband what I really want for mother’s day.  It wasn’t breakfast in bed, flowers, diamonds, or a kitchen appliance (he was in the dog house for a week that year).  I told him that I wanted a day off.  I wanted him and the kids to come to my bed, kiss me, say happy mothers day and then LEAVE!   I’m telling you it’s the best gift ever.  I sleep in until noon, veg out on the sofa eating crap food, go back to sleep, get back up and get a massage, come home and go back to bed.  By the time my family returns I am the most relaxed and energized I’ve ever been.

So here I am, woke up an hour ago and chilling on the sofa with my favorite Doritos.  So unlike all you other moms out there that actually have to make an effort on your special day, I’m actually enjoying it.  I look forward to this day all year.  Cheers!

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