I love fall, winter..not so much.  Fall means that I can now pull out my super comfy leggings that have the tummy control, it means I can wear super baggy clothes and make them look trendy, it means I can keep my hair in a greasy high bun because it goes with my baggy clothes and leggings…did I mention the leggings??? Did I mention I can actually wear leggings every single day with different shirts? I mean, I can wear them for months now – how fricking excited are you??!!!!  There should be a legging party.

Ok…sorry, this blog is not about leggings, it’s about some fall make-up tips.

Do you remember how I told you to use highlighters for the summer, well now get rid of them (unless you live in California, Mexico, or any other southern state).  You cannot highlight the crap out of your cheekbones in chi-town.  It will look really weird when every women in the room look like frosty the snowman and then you make your grand entrance with a dewy look like you just either broke a small sweat or have just had sex (both are dormant during these months).

Here is my list of make-up products you must go buy for fall/winter:

  1. Nazarr Cosmetics Zidhi/Stubborn or Rebel lipstick with vino lip liner by MAC – both are such an awesome fall/winter lip colors.  You can darken the lip liner to get dimension.
  2. Black liquid eyeliner – any brand.  You must use black eyeliner in the fall/winter months.  Your face is already losing it’s tan, and having a nice dark liner will help take attention away from pale skin.
  3. Really pink blush – I prefer MAC, but any brand will work.  Having a pinkish blush will make your cheeks look flushed, like you actually enjoy the 50 below wind shields.
  4. Metallic/Bronze eye-shadows – Again, I prefer Nazarr Cosmetics Humma Humma & MAC’s PearlFusion Shadow, both are my favorites.

Well there you have it ladies, my tips for fall/winter makeup:)

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