Ok ladies, don’t freak out!  Yes, I started shaving my face!  AHHHHH, there, I said it.  It’s not what you’re thinking, it’s not an actual razor and shaving cream.  I actually had NO IDEA women, like Marilyn Monroe, started this trend in the 60’s.  These women shaved their faces not just to get rid of hair but also to exfoliate.

I have to say my makeup has never gone on smoother!  Not only am I exfoliating my face at the same time of getting rid of unwanted hair but this process doesn’t leave my face red and bumpy like waxing does.  Even if you’ve gone through the process of permanent laser hair removal, I would still recommend you shaving once a week to get rid of dead skin cells.

Now to the most important part: HOW do I shave?  Well I use something called straight razors, specifically the Tinkle brand (drug store ones don’t work well), I’ve linked them below.  Start off with a clean & dry face, take the razor and do downwards strokes as you have your skin pulled up so it’s nice and tight.  I take the razor all over including my forehead, you’ll immediately see all the dead skin coming off and oh my your face will feel as smooth as a babies bottom.  Happy Shaving!


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